Woodbridge Township CERT LogoWoodbridge Township LogoWoodbridge Township
Office of Emergency Management
Community Emergency Response Team
Established: September 2005

List of Equipment and Items to Bring on any C.E.R.T. Activation
 Personal Identification  Dust Masks
 C.E.R.T. Logo Shirt  4-in-1 Emergency Tool/Gas Shut-off tool
 Long Pants  Basic Personal First Aid Kit (Antiseptic wipes,  Antiseptic ointment, Band-Aids)
 Boots/Sturdy footwear  Personal Medications
 Extra pair of socks  Surgical Gloves (2 pairs minimum)
 Watch  Insect Repellent
 Cell Phone  Lip Balm
 Notepad and Pen/Pencil  Sunscreen Lotion
 C.E.R.T. Bag (issued green bag)  Leather Work Gloves
 Hard Hat  Energy Bar or some other type of snack
 Flashlight with extra batteries  Poncho/Rain Gear
 C.E.R.T. Vest  Bottles of Water (minimum 2 -liter bottles)
 Goggles/Eye protection

 Pocket Knife/Multi-purpose tool (e.g. Leatherman, Gerber, Swiss Army Knife)

C.E.R.T. Communications Phonetic Alphabet and Numbers

Alpha November One (Won)
Bravo Oscar Two (Too)
Charlie Papa Three (Tree)
Delta Quebec
Pronounced KeeBeck
Four (Fo-wer)
Echo Romeo Five (Fife)
Foxtrot Sierra Six
Golf Tango Seven
Hotel Uniform Eight (Ate)
India Victor Nine (Niner)
Juliet Whiskey Ten
Kilo X-Ray Multi-digit numbers are spoken
Lima Yankee as individual numbers
Mike Zulu (e.g. 49 is Fower-Niner)

Say Again - (repeat the last verbal transmission)
Response I Say Again...
Say Again All After "last clear word"
- (repeat the last verbal transmission after the last clear word heard)
Response I Say Again All After "last clear word"...
- (execute again the last order given)
Over - (I am done with my transmission and am waiting for a reply)
Out - (I am done with the transmission, no reply necessary)
Radio Check - (to ask another station how strong your signal strength and clarity are)
Response I read you...Strong and Very Clear (loud and clear)
Strong but Unclear
Weak but Clear
The military also uses numbers from 1 to 5 to indicate strength and the clarity.
e.g. 5 by 5 = Strong and Very Clear; 1 by 4 = Weak but Clear
When calling another station: Station 1, this is Station 2 (keep call signs simple and short)

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