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C.E.R.T. Pictures - Additional Medical Training

The following pictures were taken on Saturday, 24 February 2007 at Community Safety Consultants, 1 Safety Place, Metuchen, New Jersey.
It was here that members of the Woodbridge Township Community Emergency Response Team took the American Heart Association Healthcare Provider CPR/AED course.
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Team members John O'Brien,
Kendall Phells, and Bob Ragan
prepare to follow the instructions
on how to perform CPR.

John, Kendall, and Bob
are "pushing fast and
pushing hard" as directed.

Team members "Doc" Lane,
Lowell Aube, and Charlotte Toke
learn how to open the airway with
the "head tilt, chin lift" method.

Team member Debra Hutt
practices her CPR technique
while team member Bob
Fickett observes.

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