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C.E.R.T. Pictures of the North Brunswick OEM Drill

The following pictures were taken on Saturday, 14 July 2007 at North Brunswick Township High School during the North Brunswick Township OEM disaster drill.

Team members (from left to right)
Kendal Phells, Lowell Aube, "Skip"
Landt, "Sherry" Landt, "Doc" Lane,
Bill Johnson, and Joe Formola

"Doc" Lane will see you now.
Logging-in any displaced
people who may have a
medical problem.

Kendal Phells is ready to welcome
any displaced person to the main
shelter area of North Brunswick
Township High School.

Woodbridge CERT Team Leader
Lowell Aube instructs the other
CERTs participating in the drill
on what to expect when manning
a disaster shelter.

Bill Johnson prepares the shelter's
registration desk before displaced
people arrive.

"Sherry" Landt awaits the arrival
of displaced people.


Team members, from left to right,
"Doc" Lane, "Skip" Landt, Lowell
Aube, "Sherry" Landt, and Bill
Johnson listen to the debriefing
presented by the North Brunswick
Township OEM shelter coordinator
at the end of the drill.


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