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C.E.R.T. Pictures of the First Annual Family Picnic

The following pictures were taken on Saturday, 21 July 2007 at Grove 3A, Merrill Park, Colonia, New Jersey.  To see a bigger version of the pictures below, place your cursor over the picture(s) you wish to view and "double click" the left mouse button.

Team Leader, Lowell Aube
gets the grill filled with
charcoal at the beginning
of the picnic.

"Skip" Landt, left, offers
words of encouragement
to Lowell Aube, right, about
working with charcoal.

"Sherry" Landt, left, gives
Councilman James V. Carroll
a brief history of the Woodbridge
Township Community Emergency
Response Team.

Team member Charlotte
Toke, left, relaxes with
her husband, Alan,
during the picnic.

Team member Joe Formola's
son, Joel, left, Joel's girl friend,
Allison Champer, center, and
Joe's wife, Jackie, right,
enjoy the good weather and
good company at the picnic.

We're not sure if team member
John O'Brien is trying to stifle
a laugh or keep his lunch down.

Team Leader, Lowell Aube, right,
presents a letter of thanks and a
certificate of appreciation to Councilman
Robert G. Luban, center, for his continuing
support of the Woodbridge Township
Community Emergency Response Team as
Councilman James V. Carroll, left, looks on.

Woodbridge Town Council
President, Brenda Yori Velasco
was gracious enough to take
time out of her busy schedule
to visit the team and family
members at the picnic.

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