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C.E.R.T. Pictures of the Woodbridge Township Girl Scouts' Camporee

The following pictures of the Girl Scouts' Camporee were taken on Saturday, 22 September 2007 at William Warren County Park in Woodbridge, New Jersey.  To enlarge a picture for viewing, place your cursor over the desired picture and press the left mouse button.

From left to right:
Jim Rapp, Middlesex County OEM;
team members Mike Johnson, Sherry Landt
Mary Aube (future team member),
Team Leader Lowell Aube, Skip Landt,
Bill Johnson, and team candidate Neil Valladares.

Woodbridge Township Police DARE

Woodbridge Police DARE officer
Detective Susan McNamara, and
her assistant for the day, Charlie Habbart.

Skip Landt, left, and Joe Formola, right,
supervise girl scouts while they try their
hand at cribbing.

Left, Woodbridge Township's C.E.R.T.
vehicle, and right, Middlesex County
OEM truck.

Team candidate Neil Vallaradez poses
as the search coordinator while the girl
scouts practice the use of long polls
used during a "tall grass" search.

Skip Land, Lowell Aube, Mike Johnson,
and Neil Valladares supervise the girl
scouts as they "carry out an injured victim".

Detective McNamara answers questions
at the DARE exhibit.

Jim Rapp of Middlesex OEM distributes
handouts to the girl scouts as they exit
the Middlesex OEM truck.
Mike Johnson and Neil Valladares
demonstrate how to carry an injured

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