Woodbridge Emergency Management
Community Emergency Response Team

One Main Street                         Woodbridge, New Jersey 07095                            732-602-7377
Educating our residents and protecting our community

Ocean Medical Center Evacuation Drill Photographs

Team Leader's Vehicle

Team members
awaiting assignments

Team members
checking out other

Some pretty neat
equipment on scene

Continuing to check
out some of the
vehicles we'd like
to add to our inventory

Brick Police Department's
command vehicle

We're still trying to
figure how we can
get this in the back
of our Suburban

We've received the
word to "sign-in"

Sherry Landt signs-in
while other team
members await their

Tony Mazza awaits
his turn to play a

The New Jersey Army
National Guard came
with two (2) H-60
BLACKHAWK helicopters

Lieutenant Winter, Joe
Formola, Lowell Aube,
and Bryan Austin

Lowell Aube tries to
negotiate a purchase
price with Lieutenant
Winter for the H-60

Another view of the

Charlotte Toke enjoys
the company of two
of the National

From left to right:
Lowell Aube, "Doc"
Lane, Bill Johnson,
Bill Zupko, Jr., Charlotte
Toke, and Bryan Austin

From left to right:
Bill Johnson, Bill
Zupko, Jr., "Doc"
Lane, and Charlotte

The H-60's Crew Chief
prepares for engine


Airborne, and heading

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